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Pour Haus Red Blend

Pour Haus Red Blend: Look! What’s on Tap?

Take it from us, friends. Thanksgiving is only days away, and box wine is the way to go for serving your guests. You get so much wine for a fantastic price, and the wine is amazing! Having trouble choosing? Glance through all of our Tasting Notes blogs,...
House Wine Chardonnay

House Wine Chardonnay: Yes, We Tapped That!

We’ve been reviewing a lot of red wines recently, let’s try our hand at a nice Chardonnay! Specifically, we will be tasting the House Wine Chardonnay. House Wine is known for its easy-going branding, as well as its minimalistic (yet oh so appealing)...
Archer Roose Redsurrection

Archer Roose Redsurrection: Yes, We Tapped That!

It’s been a minute, friends. Today we’re bringing you another tasting, and with it, another red wine! The Archer Roose Redsurrection Box is 100% Carménère wine. Carménère wine grapes are produced in Chile and have a distinct flavor (more on that at the end...
Sant' Evasio Box Wine

Sant’ Evasio Piemonte Barbera Tasting: Yes, We Tapped That!

A chill is in the air... It’s finally October! It’s time we tasted a proper red wine for fall. Today we’re reviewing the Sant’ Evasio Piemonte Barbera box wine. Barbera wine traditionally comes from the northern regions of Italy, and is typically a dark...
Petite Frog Box Wine

La Petite Frog Picpoul de Pinet Tasting: Yes, We Tapped That!

     We are thrilled for this week’s wine tasting because - as you will see - La Petite Frog Picpoul de Pinet has quickly become one of our personal favorite box wines!      Like our previous tasting, this wine is a go-to of ours to serve at gallery...
Bota Box Dry Rosé

Bota Box Dry Rosé Tasting: Yes, We Tapped That!

Hello Hello! Another week means another wine tasting/review. This week we’re going back to our roots with the Bota Box Dry Rosé. If you weren’t with us last summer, we did a whole blog post talking about the craze that is the rosé trend. I encourage you to...