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"If you love entertaining and drinking boxed wine, this gorgeous handcrafted nook is for you! It is beautifully made and adds a warm decorative touch to my kitchen area. It's so easy to insert the wine bag and spout, and it pours perfectly. No mess... and no more ugly box on my counter! It even has an ice pack for the white varieties. LOVE it!" - J. Mayhew



"This is the perfect solution to the age old problem... What to do with the wine box? Don't get me wrong, I love boxed wine. It's affordable, Eco-friendly, mother-in-law approved... It's just ugly. This wine box box solves that problem. It looks cool, dispenses easily, keeps mom happy during the holidays... What else could you need?" - K. Williamson



"I LOVE my new wine nook! It is a great conversation piece at parties and the perfect gift for my friends. I especially like having the option to personalize it! I'm also glad I was able to purchase the refillable plastic bag, if I don't have boxed wine on hand I can always just pour my own bottle into it and always have wine available! Love it!" - Online Customer



"This is a much needed product to make your kitchen look more polished. The owners are very accommodating and want their customers to be 100% satisfied. I would definitely recommend it to my fellow vino consumers." - R. Keele



"What a beautiful box for dispensing my wine. It adapts to any boxed wine and I love the chalk board to name the wine of the moment-even comes with some chalk! This is a functional and decorative way to have wine available on the kitchen counter for parties and year round enjoyment. Thanks WineNook!!" - Disdog



"A very attractive, stylish, and durable option for the box wine enthusiast! Besides being a great product, this seller went above and beyond to help rush my order to make an important gift deadline for my wife!" - BoneDoc


Dark Walnut Box Wine Dispenser
Light Maple Box Wine Dispenser
Wine Tasting Station

Wine Nook Tasting Event Results

Today we are bringing you the results of our wine tasting event! For those who don’t know, a couple of weeks ago we had a wine tasting at our home location. The premise was simple. We set up three wine stations: decanted wine, Wine Nooks, and box wine....
Summer Shim Cocktail

Sassy Peachy Summer Shim Recipe

In what will probably be our last drink recipe of the summer, today we bring you our peach inspired shim cocktail. If you recall from a previous blog, a "shim" is a low-proof cocktail with a focus on interesting flavor combinations. Also, the terms...
Cucumber Limeade Cocktail by the Pool

Cool as a Cucumber Limeade Cocktail

It's time for another cocktail recipe! Keeping with our summer theme, this Cucumber Limeade Cocktail makes the perfect pool party companion. It's light, thirst-quenching, and oh so easy to make. This recipe was created to work perfectly with our fillable...
Lavender-Lemon Session Cocktail

Lavender-Lemon Session Cocktail Recipe

Today we're presenting our first session cocktail inspired by our Wine Nooks!  As a quick refresher, session cocktails are low-proof drinks that go hand-in-hand with long summer days. We had our Light Maple Wine Nook in mind while creating this one. Like...

Let’s Talk About Session Cocktails

Summer inspiration has reared its beautiful head fellow Nooksters, so let’s get creative! We are hopping on the bandwagon of low-proof cocktails. These concoctions answer to a multitude of different names including: shims, suppressors, and session...

What Beverages Can I Put in My Wine Nook?

By now you know what a Wine Nook is, but what exactly can you put in a Nook? The options are pretty much endless. The list below will highlight just some of the many options of beverages you can serve straight from a Nook with the help of our fillable...