Sweet as Cherry Wine


Nothing simultaneously excites me and disappoints me as much as all the made up “national” food days we have here in the US. It’s definitely PEAK consumerism to celebrate a national waffle day, but we here at Team Wine Nook embrace the enthusiasm. Sometimes it’s nice in our stressful lives to take a minute and stuff our faces all in the name of patriotism. God bless America.


Keeping this more on topic, I found out recently that today is “National Cherry Popsicle Day,” and immediately thought, how can we plug our product into a day probably created for children? The answer to that question, is that today is not just for children, therefore I can do whatever I want! I think that’s the real beauty about these national days. We all have the excuse to celebrate. So that’s why I’m here. I’m going to celebrate “National Cherry Popsicle Day” with you.


To start, let’s talk a little about our underrated friend, cherry wine. Cherry wine is exactly what it sounds like: wine made from cherries. According to CherryWine.com (fitting), cherry wine has its roots in the prohibition-era of homebrews. Nowadays, cherry wine is crafted by several wineries in the U.S. The majority of these wineries are located in northern states. The typical glass of cherry wine can be anywhere from very dry to sweet. As such, pairings for this wine vary. Drier versions pair well with cheeses and asian cuisine. Whereas the sweet cherry wine is excellently paired with chocolate.


Cherry wine is also typically less expensive than wine made from grapes. Because of this, it is a perfect option for homebrewing (if that’s what you’re into). Please check with your state’s homebrewing laws first. Make sure you choose good quality cherries, at a ratio of about 50% sweet and 50% sour cherries for optimal flavor. If you do decide to homebrew, we now have new 3-liter wine bags available on our site. They’re FDA approved and BPA free, and they won’t change the flavor of your wines. Link here. A not-so-subtle plug! We got one in there! I feel like a Youtuber.


On to the fun part. Today is Cherry Popsicle Day, after all, not Cherry Wine Day. Popsicles truly symbolize summer, don’t they? They are fun and refreshing at first, but don’t last nearly enough before melting all over your hand and down your arm causing you to crash back down to the harsh reality of life. Y’know, just like summer does. We thought it would be cool to suggest freezing cherry wine to make popsicles. As it turns out, alcohol doesn’t usually freeze well. Nevertheless, we went looking anyway because we don’t like being told no. Guess what? We found a recipe for cherry popsicles that does incorporate wine and does freeze! The secret is coconut milk which makes the consistency creamier. The result is a rich yet refreshing cherry ice pop. You have Heart of a Baker to thank for this gem: “Boozy Cherry Red Wine Popsicles”. The recipe calls for red wine, but you could replace it with a cherry wine if you prefer (homemade or not) for a greater cherry flavor!


To end this post, I will unashamedly mention our wine bags again. Because guys, they really are quite convenient for all types of drinks. It can hold homemade wine, mixed drinks of all types, leftover wine, and even non-alcoholic beverages. We also have them available in store at Cindy Saadeh Fine Art Gallery.


Enjoy the end of summer responsibly y’all