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Bota Box Dry Rosé Tasting: Yes, We Tapped That!

Hello Hello! Another week means another wine tasting/review. This week we’re going back to our roots with the Bota Box Dry Rosé. If you weren’t with us last summer, we did a whole blog post talking about the craze that is the rosé trend. I encourage you to...

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MARVAL Red Tasting: Yes, We Tapped That

This MARVAL red wine comes to us from the South of France. While technically a “box” wine, this wine is without its cardboard packaging. (Just FYI, if you missed our first wine tasting blog, I encourage you to check it out here. In it, we reviewed a lovely...

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Yes, We Tapped That: Provisions Pinot Gris

     Happy Saturday Nooksters! Today we are bringing to you something very exciting. We’re starting a fun project that we hope you guys love as much as we have so far. Because of how adamantly we’ve been singing the praises of box wine, we’re putting our...

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Hating on Box Wine is So 1979

  I think we've said it enough times by now. Box wine is the delicious yet affordable wine option. With quality so comparable to bottled wine, in blind taste tests, it’s often hard to distinguish between the two types. With that, I’ve got a bone to pick....

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Wine Nook Tasting Event Results

Today we are bringing you the results of our wine tasting event! For those who don’t know, a couple of weeks ago we had a wine tasting at our home location. The premise was simple. We set up three wine stations: decanted wine, Wine Nooks, and box wine....

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Sassy Peachy Summer Shim Recipe

In what will probably be our last drink recipe of the summer, today we bring you our peach inspired shim cocktail. If you recall from a previous blog, a "shim" is a low-proof cocktail with a focus on interesting flavor combinations. Also, the terms...

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Cool as a Cucumber Limeade Cocktail

It's time for another cocktail recipe! Keeping with our summer theme, this Cucumber Limeade Cocktail makes the perfect pool party companion. It's light, thirst-quenching, and oh so easy to make. This recipe was created to work perfectly with our fillable...

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Lavender-Lemon Session Cocktail Recipe

Today we're presenting our first session cocktail inspired by our Wine Nooks!  As a quick refresher, session cocktails are low-proof drinks that go hand-in-hand with long summer days. We had our Light Maple Wine Nook in mind while creating this one. Like...

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