The improvements in box wine have been monumental, except for the cardboard packaging. While much more eco-friendly, the cardboard box only serves two basic functions; storage and distribution. This issue presented a prime opportunity for two artists to come together to create a beautiful and highly functional solution; the Wine Nook.
Cindy Saadeh is a professional artist with a background in oil painting. She owns an art gallery and has an artist reception each month. Wanting to serve box wine for the volume of attendants at these receptions, she had the idea to put the wine in something more attractive than the cardboard box, but at the time there wasn’t a good solution available. She took the idea to her gallery manager Michael Ripper, who is a woodworker, to design something. After several prototypes and covering all the necessary details of what the box needed to fulfill form and function, together they settled on what now is the Wine Nook. They got the Nook patented and the rest is history!
Each and every Original Wine Nook is made from solid wood that is carefully crafted and distressed by hand to add individual character. No two are exactly the same! The new Little Nooks are fun colors: Classy Black, Sassy Red and Chic White–to fit the decor or personality of the owner.
Our beautiful Wine Nook rests on your counter with class and is ready to pour a glass of your favorite “house” wine for dinner, or whenever you like. The Wine Nook was designed for countertops and fits under standard wall cabinets. The addition of the hand forged, decorative scroll feet eliminates the need to slide the box to the edge of the counter to pour and enjoy a glass of wine. The Wine Nook is a fantastic conversation piece at parties or events. Our functional art adds a beautiful element of design to your kitchen decor, and is an absolute must for any wine lover!

The Wine Nook is also perfect for serving at weddings, bachelorette parties, corporate events, home parties and any other catered events.

Give a personal touch to a wedding or anniversary gift and get it personalized!


Little Nook

Same Nook, Different Look!
Little Nooks are Here!

Dark Walnut Finish

Box Wine Dispenser $95

Light Maple Finish

Box Wine Dispenser $95