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What Millennials Love and Hate

Hey guys! It's me again. The Gen-Y voice of reason for this blog. Today we're sharing some interesting information from businessinsider.com. It's a well-thought out piece on things that millennials supposedly love and hate. You know me, I don't always...

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5 Reasons Why Millennials are Actually Amazing

The Wine Nook has some exciting things on the way, and the team has asked me (the only employed millennial for Wine Nook) to clear some things up for them. We are a company that wants to cater to all wine lovers, after all. Over the past couple weeks, I...

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All About Ice Wine

Hello all! Where have we been? We're busy working on all sorts of great things for 2018 that we think you're gonna love. We also can't wait to have some new blog posts up soon! In the meantime, check out this article all about ice wine. It's a really...

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13 Best Winter Cocktails

The cold is creeping up on us... It's time we prepare for the onslaught of holiday shopping, parties, and snow days, or else fall prey to the seasonal scramble! These cocktails from Esquire.com are sure impress your guests and soothe your soul. Enjoy!  ...

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Daily Mom’s Guide to Unique Gifts 2017

We've always said the Wine Nook is the perfect gift, but don't take it from us! Check out this gift guide from dailymom.com. This guide features all kinds of unique, cool, and fun gift ideas for the holidays. We like to think the Wine Nook falls into those...

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Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Recipes

Everyone knows how hectic Thanksgiving is. No matter how hard you work, you're still scrapped for time. Let's take the stress out of Thanksgiving together. Thanks to these "make-ahead of time" recipes from Real Simple, we can spend less time in the...

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Popular Regional Thanksgiving Foods

Check out what people all over the United States are eating on Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is one of the most widely observed holidays in the United States, with over 90% of the population celebrating. It’s a day where it’s socially acceptable to sit around...

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Thanksgiving Wine Guide

Hello my beautiful people! The holidays are creeping up on us! It's time to start thinking about how we can make all the moving parts run smoothly. That's where we come in! We want to help you simplify the holidays as much as possible.   To kick off our...

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The Perfect Halloween Party Drink

What's a fall party without some red wine? Today, we're sharing with you an easy way to amp up your red wine for a party (we're gonna make mulled wine!) Mulled wine is a beverage that is typically made with red wine and mulling spices. The exact mulling...

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