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We love box wine! We just didn’t love the cardboard box sitting on the counter for weeks.

Box Wine Dispenser | Wine Nook | Perfect GiftWine that comes in a box has improved with time, and both manufacturers and consumers are taking advantage of the benefits of this great way to package and enjoy wine.  For the winemakers it means less costly, more environmentally friendly packaging and lower shipping costs, and for the consumer it means less expensive wine (the equivalent of four bottles) that still tastes great.  Here’s the kicker–it lasts for several WEEKS instead of a few days!

Box Wine Dispenser | Wine Nook | Perfect Gift

Patented and handcrafted in the USA, the Wine Nook is made of solid pine with our logo branded on the back.  It is easy to use, nestles perfectly on your counter in a nook under a standard cabinet and is more beautiful to look at than a cardboard box. Also, no more dragging the box to the edge of the counter to fill your glass!

It’s great to use for parties or for just having a constant flow of wine for whenever you have the desire for a glass.  Your Wine Nook will come with an ice pack to use for chilling white wine and chalk for labeling the wine you put inside. It has a handle on top to easily transport to wherever you would like to sip!

Now that there’s a solution, won’t you join the Revolution?

Wine Nook is Here! The Perfect Gift!

Join the Box Wine Revolution and be one of the first to have this beautiful and functional piece of art in your home!

Want to Use Your Own Wine? Sangria? Margarita?

Whatever beverage you prefer–you can purchase an empty, REFILLABLE 3 liter bag for just $5.00 more!


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